10 key fashion items under $200 to own



Recently, I’ve been focusing on keeping staples in my closet. In typical spring-cleaning fashion, I’ve donated pieces I haven’t worn recently, but there are gaps in my wardrobe that I’ve since had to fill. While I love testing out some of the latest trends, my personal approach to shopping is to buy a base of timeless pieces that I’ll have in my closet for years to come, so I’ve focused on finding items that are currently gone.

I’ve noticed that every fashion person has elevated staples in their closet right now, so I’ve been working to add them to my closet. The best part? You can find them for less than $200, so you don’t need to make a big investment. Seething pieces, including boxy jackets and maxi skirts, are as wearable as they are cool, and they’ve established themselves as must-haves to own right now. Others, including t-shirts and jeans, boil down to colorways and silhouettes that make them directional and cool. Ahead, fashion items under $200 on my current shopping list.


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