10 Outfits Every Fashion Person Wears With Bermuda Shorts



As fun as a pair of warm pants might be (for the right occasion), they’re not the most practical summer bottoms. Surprisingly short and needed to adjust every few seconds, the buzzy celeb trend has its pitfalls, which is likely why their complete opposite has been racing for fashion’s top spot in the shorts department. And even with all the bad publicity Midwestern dads (I can tell because my dad is one) got for Bermuda shorts, the very appropriate hot-pants alternative managed to find its way into the wardrobe. of every fashion girl.

All the proof you need Bermuda shorts are having a moment exists on my Instagram feed, which I’ve meticulously combed through and recreated below. Showcasing the best styles to match and, subsequently, what to wear with them once you’ve chosen your very own pair, let the upcoming selection serve as your primary guide for the trend. Scroll down to get started.


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