12 plus size Pride collections we’re loving in 2023!



Let’s talk about the plus size Pride collections! This month on The Curvy Fashionista, we’re celebrating Pride Month in a variety of ways, and today we’ve rounded up all the plus size pride collections we could find!

Today, we’re excited to share Pride Drops (rainbows galore!) for tall and fat girls in 2023.

I have done my best to include collections of plus brands and fat owned brands, as well as what Pride drops offer plus sizes. It’s quite a situation here! I’ve emailed brands, gotten insights, and used my expertise as a queer plus size blogger to bring you ALL the goodness.

Lesbian Pride Flag Shirt at

BUT! I don’t know everything! If there’s a brand or collection that should be on this list, but isn’t, leave a comment below! I do my best, as a member of the TCF team, to bring you ALL the information you need. We’ll be updating this article throughout Pride Month – so be sure to check back!

Plus Size Rainbow Heart Romper - Hey MavensPlus Size Pride Collections
Plus Size Rainbow Heart Romper at

We’ll be updating this article throughout Pride Month – so be sure to check back!

Brianne Hunter

Plus Size Pride Collections – I Broke The Rules :]

In putting together this list of plus size pride collections, I wanted to make sure to include brands that have RAINBOW! RAINBOW! RAINBOW! everywhere, but I also wanted to be sure to spotlight LGBTQ+ owned brands.

So I did!

In this list, you’ll find all the rainbows your heart desires, plus collections and pieces from big and fat LGBTQ+ businesses that are close to my heart! <3

Did you enjoy checking out these fun plus size Pride collections and new LGBT owned brands to check out? !

I like this!

Drop a comment below to share which collection is YOUR favourite! <3



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