12 Versatile Trench Coat Outfits to Try This Season



I’m not someone who keeps things in his wardrobe that he doesn’t wear. I guess it’s partly due to the size of my apartment, which doesn’t really allow for excess. But a lot of it is also down to my dedication to only filling my wardrobe with pieces that I love and want to wear on repeat. And of all the items stored there, the ones that probably get the most attention are my trench coats, hands down. I have no shame in admitting that I play favorites.

In winter I wear them layered with hoodies and sweaters, while spring and summer see my lightweight versions worn with strappy dresses or simple jeans and t-shirt ensembles. I bring one with me on virtually every trip, no matter the location, and find it hard not to buy one when a chic new silhouette hits the market. I’m obsessed (clearly), and there’s nothing you can say or do to convince me otherwise. As for what keeps me wearing them so often without getting tired, I maintain an ever-renewed moodboard full of trench coat outfit inspiration, and my latest one was too good not to share.

Scroll down to review my 12 current favorite trench coat looks from Instagram and shop to recreate each one.


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