15 outfit ideas for when shorts are all you want to wear

If you’re a fan of shorts, we’re guessing you’ve got a full arsenal of summer essentials ready at your beck and call. Once that temperature gauge reads around 60°, your stems are out and full of glory. The only problem is that styling the same type of clothing can become tedious as you become less and less inspired to venture beyond your favorite looks. With summer upon us, it’s time to break out of the mold and add a few more cropped outfits to the rotation.

We’ve got something for everyone: lovers of denim cuts, those who love shorts right now, and those who still love tailored bottoms that aren’t pants or miniskirts. This summer, let us inspire you with other shorts outfits you’re sure to fall in love with. We pair ours with silk camisoles, mix denim pairs with tailored blazers, and more. Scroll through our favourites.


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