15 pairs of jeans you splurge on vs. 15 you save on

With the plethora of denim brands on the market today, it can be a little tricky to find high quality, trendy jeans without being too trendy and flattering. It’s a trial and error process that can take years, so we’re here to make your denim search easier by sharing the brands that have worked for us. We Who What Wear editors are not the same: we wear different sizes, are tall and short, and have mixed style and fit preferences. But despite all of that, there are specific denim brands that we collectively love and have decided are the best of them all. As publishers, we’ve been able to test a variety of affordable and more expensive options, and we have favorites of both.

Below, you’ll find the best jeans to buy right now to suit every budget. Whether you’re ready to invest in a high-end pair or looking for jeans under $100, you’ll want to keep scrolling.


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