16 Best Tanning Waters and How to Apply Them

According to Evans, working in sections is absolutely crucial when it comes to tanning waters, as there is no color guide to help you remember where you sprayed the product. “For example, knee to ankle would be one section, then thigh would be a different section,” she says. “If you’re not sure you’ve covered an area, just go back over the area. This won’t negatively affect development, as the skin can only absorb so much product in a single application. She notes that you can never apply too much tan, but you can apply too little, and this is what often leads to streaks and uneven skin tone.

If you’re applying tan water to your face, Von Hep encourages you to mist your skin like you would a face mist or toner. “For hands and feet, run the mitt over those areas and apply lightly using any residual product left on the mitt,” he says. Also, if you don’t have a glove, don’t worry, you can apply with your hands, just be sure to wash them thoroughly afterwards, taking care to rub between your fingers.

Keep reading for the best self-tanning waters to try, including Evans’ and Von Hep’s picks.


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