16 summer skincare products you need

Skincare hasn’t always been the number one priority in my beauty routine. But now that I’m approaching 25, things have changed. In other words, protection and prevention have become my beauty goals. I’m trying to fight wrinkles, fine lines, and any damage to my skin barrier while protecting my skin from harsh UV rays this summer. It seems like it would take more than a 10-step routine, but really all you have to do is try a new serum, test an SPF, or add a special ingredient like vitamin C to take your routine to the next. level. Below, I’ve listed all of these products for you courtesy of SkinCeuticals, my go-to place when making seasonal changes to my routine. The skincare brand is celebrity-loved, editor-approved and downright effective. It gives you lots of options, but I did some research and found 16 recommendations to help you prevent damage and protect your skin this summer, whatever your skin type. In addition, from June 8 to June 16, you will receive a gift with your purchase. I don’t know about you, but my excitement level just spiked. If you’re ready to reach your skincare goals (and reap the free benefits), keep scrolling.


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