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18-Year-Old Places Newborn Baby Up For Adoption, Baby Disappears From Hospital The Next Day – Today’s story

A teenage girl abandons her newborn son and abandons him in hospital shortly after birth. The next day, the hospital calls his mother to say that the child was missing and they knew who was to blame.

Emily Henson was just 18 when she became pregnant with her boyfriend Shaun’s child. When Shaun learned of the pregnancy, he was eager to take responsibility, but Emily’s mother, Mrs. Henson, who was more like the head of their family and had a say in everything, decided otherwise. .

“It’s ridiculous for a teenager to raise a child! We won’t keep the baby!” she stated.

“But Mom!” Emily protested. “It’s – It’s too late for an abortion, according to the doctors! Besides, I don’t want to abandon my child!”

“Sorry?” Mrs. Henson gave him a disapproving look. “You’re not responsible here, honey! You know what, there’s always a solution to any problem. After you have this baby, we’ll leave it in the hospital!” she said firmly.

Emily was 18 when she got pregnant. | Source: Pexel

Emily and her father were opposed to the idea, but in the end Mrs. Henson’s will triumphed once again. She made Emily hide her pregnancy from everyone and cut off all contact with Shaun. Emily didn’t want to do this, but she had little choice as she was still financially dependent on her parents.

Months later, when the baby was finally born, Emily cried as he held her newborn son in his arms, feeling guilty for giving him up for adoption. “I’m so sorry, honey,” she whispered, her eyes widening. “I see you for the first and the last time. I hope you forgive mom for this.”

“No way! It can’t be them!” She hastily dressed and went to the hospital.

Emily left the hospital shortly after and left her baby there. But the next morning, hospital staff discovered the baby was missing. They called Mrs. Henson to let her know, and the call awoke her from her sleep.

“I’m sorry to bother you so soon, Mrs. Henson,” Emily’s doctor said, “But your grandson is missing from the hospital! We think we know who’s behind this, so please, come to the hospital as soon as possible!”

The baby disappeared from the hospital. | Source: Flickr/Dave Herholz

Mrs. Henson was VERY upset. “How can the kid just disappear like that? Josh, come on, we have to…” As she hung up the phone, she noticed that the side of her husband’s bed was empty.

She looked for him everywhere and called him, but he didn’t answer. Emily, too, was nowhere to be found. Mrs. Henson then remembered the doctor’s words. “We think we know who’s behind this…”

“No way! It can’t be them!” She quickly dressed and drove to the hospital, where she discovered doctors had caught Mr Henson leaving hospital with the baby on security cameras. A nurse had given him the baby.

At this point, Mrs. Henson’s blood was boiling. “How could he do such a thing?

Before calling Mrs Henson, hospital authorities had already notified the police, so they were on the lookout for Emily, Mr Henson and the baby. Luckily for Mrs. Henson, in the evening the cops found them. They were at Shaun’s.

Ms Henson was furious when she learned her husband and daughter were behind the baby’s disappearance. | Source: Pexel

When Mrs. Henson arrived there with the cops, she was furious. But she would not be tolerated this time.

“We’re not giving up on the child, Laura,” Mr Henson said. “If you’re going to force us again, forget it! Officers, my wife is pressuring my daughter to give up the baby, but my daughter and I don’t want that!” Emily nodded and said she didn’t want to give up on the child.

The cops warned Ms Henson that she wasn’t supposed to force Emily like this because she was 18 and could make decisions on her own. This further enraged Mrs. Henson. “Remember what we agreed on, Josh! I won’t let the baby stay in MY house! After all, this house is mine! It’s mine!”

“Well, Laura,” Mr. Henson said. “You can live there alone because I’m divorcing! I’m sick of you deciding for all of us. Emily had to steal her child and run away from the hospital like a thief! We’ve had enough of your stubbornness…Goodbye , Laura!”

Mrs. Henson couldn’t believe she was being avoided like this. But his arrogance did not allow him to see his folly. She stormed out of the house and happily signed the divorce papers Mr. Henson later sent her.

Shaun and Emily finally had the happy life they deserved. | Source: Pexel

During the divorce proceedings, Mr. Henson and Emily stayed with Shaun. Shaun and Emily were thrilled to reunite and reunite with their baby.

Following their divorce, Mr. Henson was entitled to half of their property as a fair settlement, but instead of returning to the house with Mrs. Henson, he decided to rent part of it, against her wishes. Mrs Henson. Then he moved in with Shaun and Emily in their new home with his grandson, Albert.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Henson grew tired of Mr. Henson’s tenant, Chris, who was pursuing a career in music. His musical “practice” was anything but bearable for the woman, and she kept complaining about having a headache because of it. Karma seemed to have caught up with her.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Children have the right to decide for themselves. Mrs. Henson always imposed her decisions on Emily, until Emily realized that it was wrong and she decided to break free from it.
  • Marriage grows in partnership and crumbles in domination. Mr. Henson was tired of his wife making decisions for them all the time, so he decided to quit one day. He divorced and lived happier with his daughter’s family.

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This story is inspired by our reader’s story and written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to actual names or places is purely coincidental. All images are for illustrative purposes only. Share your story with us; maybe it will change someone’s life. If you would like to share your story, please send it to [email protected]


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