20 chic summer outfit ideas

My screen time is at an all-time high, and I blame it on the fact that I spend my nights looking for holiday inspiration. All it takes is a photo of a palm tree to get me started (true story). I’ll double tap, screenshot, save, share, and spam the group chat with photos of tropical villas, pose ideas, and of course, stylish looks to recreate. So when a weekend in the Hamptons finally landed on my calendar, I was fully prepared. I still live shamelessly vicariously through my favorite influencers, who also happen to be my colleagues. Case in point: fashion editor Anna LaPlaca. And when we both went to the Maje x Surf Lodge pop-up store in Montauk, I started fangirling over her IRL look. I’ll admit it: I looked cute, but her dinner outfit was literally goals. Everything she’s wearing in the photo above is from Maje’s new Spring/Summer collection, so now I’m booking an imaginary vacation to the South of France and adding Anna’s full ensemble to my basket.


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