26 thin and thin hair hacks for voluminous locks

“Direct your hair dryer’s airflow in the opposite direction of your parting — so if you’re parting your hair to the right, dry it to the left,” Liu says. “If you part your hair in the center, dry your hair in an upward lift motion or blow dry it upside down. If you notice that your hair is very flat in the center, opt for a side parting which will create always an illusion to lift!” You can always just blow dry your hair upside down, which is probably the easiest and easiest trick.

And Helen Reavey, hairstylist, trichologist and founder and creative director of Act + Acre, gives two more tips: “One of my favorite blow-drying tricks is to brush the hair an inch from the roots, then after sweeping the brush back, blow the hair with hot air for three to eight seconds and release the brush.This will create instant volume at the roots of the hair, leaving it fuller.

Her second tip is to add four to five hair clips framing your face and blow-dry them for 30 seconds. “This will add movement to the hair, reducing the appearance of thinness. If you have a little more time, try adding 4-5 hair clips framing your face and blow-drying them for 30 seconds,” he explains. -she.


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