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27-year-old mom of 8 shares her bedtime routine – from 4:30 p.m.

Putting the kids to bed is no small feat and could even turn out to be a parent’s worst nightmare. Imagine a mother of eight trying to get all of her children to bed at the same time. Sounds crazy, right? Read on to find out how things are going for this mom on a daily basis.

Anyone who thinks parenthood is easy doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Parenthood is a roller coaster ride filled with endless twists, turns and unexpected detours. But the best part of being a parent is having adorable little angels to adore every day.

Despite sleepless nights, tiring days, and chaotic schedules, having a home that echoes with children’s constant laughter and tantrums is like music to a parent’s ears, and they wouldn’t want it to be. other. This Australian mother shares the same point of view. Let’s dive into its fascinating history.

Chloe Dunstan. | Source: YouTube.com/Life with Beans


Chloe and Rohan Dunstan are a lovely couple based in Perth, Australia. After getting married, they looked forward to the arrival of their little ones and wanted to complete their family. When Chloe was 22, she already had three children, Evan, Otto and Felix.

The Dunstans had barely adjusted to being parents of three children when they welcomed triplets, Rufus, Henry and Pearl. In no time, the Australian couple have become proud parents of six angels, and they couldn’t have been happier.


In October 2020, Chloé and Rohan were blessed with twins Sylvie and Cosmo. The young couple said they quickly learned to acclimate to life as a family of ten, which meant being extremely organized and streamlining things as much as possible.

The proud parents shared the delightful news with their family on social media, where the little one was seen swaddled and surrounded by soft toys.


In January 2021, then 27-year-old Chloe, a stay-at-home mom, decided to document her busy family life on her YouTube. channel. The young mother, who says she conceived all her children naturally, shared her nighttime routine in one of her videos.

Chloe revealed that her nightly prep started at 4:30 p.m. While she was getting ready to cook dinner for everyone, her older children would often help tidy up the room, especially the playroom, by cleaning up toys and other scattered items.

Baby Sylvie and baby Cosmo photographed taking a nap in their deckchairs. | Source: YouTube.com/Life with Beans

While the older ones gathered their toys, her little ones enjoyed a peaceful siesta. Chloe added:

“The babies are napping in their bouncers, while the others are tidying up. At the same time, I will prepare dinner for the children.”


Soon, the Aussie mum was in her kitchen making delicious pasta filled with healthy vegetables for the family. Chloe noted that she liked to make pasta for dinner because it was a quick and easy meal to prepare her huge brood.

Pasta is served in bowls for each Dunstan child. | Source: YouTube.com/Life with Beans

During this time, she also checked on her kids and indulged in a random dance party with them. At 6 p.m. the nutritious pasta was ready, and the table was set for dinner. Chloe mentioned that sometimes she and Rohan would have dinner with the kids, while other times they would have dinner later.

The couple said they didn’t have dinner until after the kids were asleep on the busiest days. After they finished dinner, the children took turns showering and brushing their teeth. Chloe also brushed their hair one by one, after which the children put on their pajamas.

Dunstan’s older children adore their little siblings. | Source: YouTube.com/Life with Beans


When the older batch was ready for bed, Chloe took the time to bathe and feed the little twins, Sylvie and Cosmo. After dressing them in their pajamas, the little ones spent time with their older siblings, who couldn’t help but gush and adore them.

Once everything else was out of the way, the Dunstan kids were waiting for their favorite time of day – listen to a bedtime story. Chloe shared that since becoming a mother, she had collected over a thousand books, which were neatly arranged in color order on the shelf.

The mum-of-eight noted that the bedtime book changed regularly. The night she recorded the clip, it was “Gingerbread Man,” which happened to be the children’s favourite.

Chloe Dunstan reads “The Gingerbread Man” to her children. | Source: YouTube.com/Life with Beans


At 8 p.m., the children were lined up bed and ready to go to sleep, after which Chloe and Ronan sat down and spent some alone time. Although handling the large brood and getting them to bed can be chaotic and a real struggle, Chloe admitted it has gotten easier over the years. She says:

“It’s definitely gotten easier over the years with the nightly routine, as all but the twins can now dress themselves. With the triplets there for a while when they were young, it was a lot of work. But I think with big families, you have to do whatever works for you.”


In an interview with FEMAIL, the Perth resident revealed that she has homeschooled all of her children. Chloe also shared that her brood loves to draw, paint, do science projects, play and spend time in nature.

While her children were engrossed in schoolwork, Chloe and Ronan ran their successful online toy store business from home. The lovely couple said the success of their household had one simple ingredient: teamwork.


In February 2022, Chloe took to her Instagram and announced that she had turned 29. The Aussie mum also shared some other exciting news – she was days away from becoming a mom to her ninth child. The caption read:

“So, uh…if anyone thought my absence meant that a certain little someone had joined us on the land side, unfortunately that’s not the case! I’m days away from my date. childbirth and even if the first 8 months of this pregnancy flew by, the past month dragged on.”


March 16, the Dunstans welcomed another little princess in their hearts and homes, Birdie Harriet. The proud parents shared the delightful news with their family on social media, where the little one was seen swaddled and surrounded by soft toys. The caption read:

“We are so happy to announce that our adorable baby girl finally arrived at the edge of the earth yesterday morning. Home now, relaxing with her 8 big siblings. Thank you for all your well wishes. We are so so in love. On a cloud.”

The Dunstans continue to celebrate life with their Nine Pretty Bundles of Joy, and we wish this beautiful family all the love their hearts can take.

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