3 reasons why NFL fans should watch the Hall of Fame game

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Game 1 of the 2022 NFL preseason kicks off Thursday night with the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio.

This game features the Las Vegas Raiders versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While most preseason games can be boring, this one might give NFL fans a reason to tune in to the game.

There are three reasons why fans should watch this Hall of Fame preseason game.

3. A first look at the new Jaguars head coach

Last season was horrible for the Jaguars as scandals with former head coach Urban Meyer plagued the team.

However, they are riding with Doug Pederson for the 2022 season.

Pederson is the head coach of the Philly Special who helped the Philadelphia Eagles win their first Super Bowl.

Although his time in Philadelphia was short-lived, he helped bring greatness to the team.

Now he’s taking his coaching talent to Jacksonville to help them and second-year QB Trevor Lawrence.

The Hall of Fame game gives NFL fans a first look to see if he can replicate that magic from his Super Bowl run in Philadelphia.

Fans got to see a few tricks from him and the Jags offense to kick off the preseason.

2. Josh McDaniels returns as head coach after botching his last head coaching job

Josh McDaniels has been the head coach of an NFL team for 12 years.

His last tenure with the Denver Broncos ended with a stain on his record.

However, this new opportunity with the Raiders offers him a second chance with a great team.

The Hall of Fame game is the first look at how he approaches his second chance in the NFL.

He has the talent to send the Raiders to the playoffs this season.

But the question is, can he lead the team without leading them into a controversy?

His time in Denver saw him lose his job over a scandal he knew he shouldn’t have gone through.

His mistakes marred his career.

However, this Hall of Fame game and his new job in Las Vegas can show NFL fans if he’s ready to clear that stain.

1. Hall Of Fame game gives first look at Davante Adams and Derek Carr together

The hype surrounding Davante Adams’ arrival to the Raiders has made him a team that should be playoff-bound this season.

However, some fans don’t believe Adams can pull off big numbers with quarterback Derek Carr.

But these fans are the ones who don’t realize the connection between these two players.

Their connection dates back to their time together as college teammates.

While their time together stretches back nearly a decade, they’re excited to show fans that they still have that college connection.

The Hall of Fame game lets fans get a glimpse of what these two could do in the 2022 season.

Although their playing time is limited, that’s still reason enough to see what the hype is about with these two players.

Who knows, maybe Carr and Adams can pull off an epic drive on their first offensive possession of the game.

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