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3 stones 3 months, is it possible? !



I’ve done a few Exante logs in the past, and to be honest, it works fine for me when I stick with it. This year, I’m back to see if I can achieve my goal!

I want to lose 3 stone which will bring me down to 11 stone 7 pounds – the high end of a healthy BMI for me.

The first time I did Exante I lost 2 and a half stones in about 8 weeks and felt fantastic. Since then, I’ve done it here and there, but my heart wasn’t in it.

I’ve only just started a diary now that I’m on day 15 so I’ve been through the first fortnight and I’m still not giving up so I can be at it properly again.

There are no excuses for me this time. I work from home and manage my schedule. My children are becoming more independent each month, I now have a dog. I have space and equipment to exercise at home. I have the money to buy Exante. I have a kettle and a blender.

So far my losses have been better than before with 12 pounds in week one and 4.5 pounds in week two. Last Sunday I had to have dinner at my mother’s house and today my father is coming to lunch, so I will have to eat again.

I once heard the little voice say “you’re going to have to have lunch, might as well have some breakfast too” but I ignored it and took the dog for a soggy 5km walk!

I already notice that my clothes are looking better and when I got my hair done yesterday the hairdresser noticed that I had lost weight so that was a boost (unless she tells all her clients to cheer them up – but she’s never said that to me before!).

The downside is that I keep ordering undersized outfits from Vinted with the idea that they’ll be motivational, but really that just means my wardrobe is filled with things still in little gray mailbags that don’t don’t come in!

I’ve loved reading diaries here – especially the ones where people stick to them and see the results even when life throws curve balls, so I’m hoping to create one a bit like this for me and others -even can read it.


WL f

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