30 Going Out Shoes From Zara That Are So Pretty

Whenever I’m getting ready to go out for the night, my plans usually come first and my outfit choice second. But very often it is the other way around. On occasions like this, I find myself invading the group chat to make plans just to get the chance to step out into a new party-ready room. Are you shopping for an occasion that is not yet planned? Some might call it delusional, but I call it manifestation. And whether your weekend plans are already set or not, Zara has something to say about it.

The retailer has launched an evening shoe edition, and as you can imagine, it’s filled with all manner of glitter, crystals, metals, and high-octane colors. Almost all the pairs shook me, but especially the under 30 pairs on which I particularly lose. So if you need a reason to invite your friends over, hit play to Beyoncé’s new summer anthem “Break My Soul,” and hit the dance floor, then look no further than these epic finds from Zara.


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