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30 New Year’s movies that will ring in 2023 with



Now that you’ve exhausted all the classic Christmas movies, it’s time for a new holiday. And New Year’s movies are the perfect way to celebrate a typically joyful moment from the comfort of the couch.

Sure, some people like to pop bottles with their crews during the holidays, but we doubt those people are looking for “New Year’s movies.” So hello, like-minded people who also prefer to avoid crowded bars in favor of a cozy blanket, New Year’s appetizers that aren’t overcooked, and a winter cocktail that doesn’t cost $20. . For you, we’ve rounded up the best New Year’s movies to make you forget the year that was – from Holidays and When Harry Met Sally at more unexpected prices like Ocean 11 and classics like sunset boulevard.

Here are the best movies to watch on New Year’s Eve. (And if none of those appeal, maybe try the best movies on Netflix?)


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