30 stylish items to put on a summer birthday wish list

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which an editor, staff member or influencer shares their current 30 must-haves or wishlist items.

Although I don’t feel like I’m 38, that’s technically the age I’m turning this month. Inevitably, someone in my life will ask me for a birthday list later this month, and I’ve never really been one to not oblige. While some may want to be surprised or just say they don’t want anything, I’m happy to provide a list if it makes life a little easier for my friends and family members. So I made one.

Given my birthday’s position in the middle of summer, my wishlist usually includes lots of summer-appropriate items and maybe things to bring on vacation. This year’s list follows a similar trajectory and includes warm-weather fashion, footwear and jewelry as well as trendy pieces that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself. Scroll to see what items I have my eye on and buy them for yourself.


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