30 summer articles approved by an editor and his mother

When it comes to fashion, my mom and I are not exactly on the same page. Okay, maybe we’re not even in the same book. She has a classic yet bohemian style – lots of long skirts and long dresses with flat sandals and minimal jewelry and accessories. Whereas I tend to be a bit more glamorous. I mean, if you see me wearing a single piece of jewelry, pigs can fly. Although we don’t have exactly the same sense of style, we definitely share a love of shopping and finding new pieces to add to our wardrobes. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of pieces that we both love, but would just look completely different. Thinking about this idea, we both bought pieces that could fit perfectly into both of our wardrobes.

Nordstrom and Shopbop had so many items that ticked both of our lists. Check out the 30 pieces we can’t wait to wear.


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