31 Expensive-Looking Summer Items I Found on Amazon

Summer is my favorite season. I love the beach, I love the vibe, and I definitely love the clothes. From the overconsumption of swimwear to fun accessories that only make sense when it’s over 75 degrees, I totally agree with all the sartorial goodness the summer season brings. While I wish I could splurge on all the newest and greatest designer products out there (always), I actually tend to rely on Amazon for some of the trendiest and most affordable items in my list.

Surprisingly, some of my most recent Amazon purchases have resulted in a summer wardrobe that seems to triple the price. If you’re not used to shopping for stylish pieces on Amazon, that previous statement might be a little shocking, but the list of 31 items below will let you see what I mean. There are so many cheap thrills on this site that really look like anything but, and as someone who continually gets asked where I bought certain items, either IRL or via Instagram, I can assure you that the assortment here will make you look like you’ve really splurged on your summer wardrobe, even if you bought everything from Amazon. I won’t say anything if you won’t?


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