31 Fall Items Lorelai Gilmore Would Love In 2022

Fall is not just the season I start really Pad. This is also the time when Gilmore Girls is on my TV, playing in a constant loop. Although the show’s main focus is the ever-evolving relationship between the Gilmore family and all the boys who have won Rory and Lorelai’s heart this season (Team Jess and Luke, forever), I think the show has hidden fashion moments. I’d love to discuss Rory’s love of oversized sweaters or Emily’s expertise at Hermès, but today’s topic of discussion is Lorelai Gilmore’s kitschy style. From bodycon dresses worn at Friday night dinners to baby t-shirts and Bermuda shorts, her look made sense to me despite the wild choices she made.

Unlike the rest of Gen Z, I didn’t largely resonate with the heavy, maxed-out patterned style of the early years, but Lorelai’s outfits had that essence that always captivated me. It must have been how she could bounce between two generations – one day mimicking Rory’s style since she never got to live out her own teenage years and donning a fancy ensemble to run her hostel the next. While I could go on about the constant juxtaposition of Lorelai’s closet, let me describe it as she would have liked — through shopping. Below, you’ll find 31 pieces that would have made Lorelai’s heart skip a beat more than a cup of caffeine.


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