31 Shopbop Items That Help Me Achieve the Coastal Grandma Look

We’ve all seen TikTokers rant and rave about the ultra-casual yet chic vibes of the “coastal grandma” aesthetic, and I decided to give the trend a try. I would describe this aesthetic as “rich grandma by the sea” – classic yet refined comfort-focused pieces, lots of linen, chic sun hats and laid-back flat sandals. The aesthetic definitely has an East Coast vibe with a nautical twist, and I have to say, I love it. When I was looking for pieces that matched the aesthetic, I headed to Shopbop. I found everything I was looking for, from perfect dresses and linen pieces to sweaters and flat sandals, to help me get the look.

Keep scrolling to see all 31 coastal-granny-chic pieces in my cart right now.


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