31 unique engagement rings people are opting for in 2022

The options can seem endless when it comes to engagement ring designs, making it nearly impossible to pick a style you love. But if you’re the type of person looking for something a little outside of the traditional realm of engagement rings, you’ve come to the right place.

We spoke to independent jewelry brand Catbird, whose marketing manager, Sriya Karumanchi, shared: “In recent years, we’ve seen people embrace rings with unexpected stones and cuts, quite a big change from to rings focused on the white diamond center stone Opals, emeralds, deep sapphires and gray diamonds in unconventional settings are some of our most popular this year.

We are noticing a major trend in ring designs that favor the unexpected and offbeat over perfect symmetry. While design elements such as clear diamonds and symmetrical settings have long been the norm for engagement rings, many people are changing the way they value an engagement ring. “I think the perspective has changed. The value of a ring shouldn’t just come from a set of rules determined by the jewelry industry – cut, clarity, carat and color being the most common “, explains Karumanchi. “Value is rooted in what you hold in the piece. It could come from a sense of a family heirloom or maybe a special stone and pattern that really spoke to you when you tried on the ring. “

Instead of simplistic placements, below are ornate settings on vintage-inspired rings. Instead of regular diamonds, you’ll see rich colors, and instead of round or square stones, these are the unexpected shapes you’ll find on the following unique engagement rings.


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