32 designer dresses too pretty to miss

No matter the time of year or the occasion, nine times out of ten you’ll catch me wearing a dress. Much less often, however, I’ll splurge on one, often preferring to buy simple, affordable styles rather than investing in a designer statement option. (I’d much rather invest my money in expensive shoes and outerwear if I’m being honest.) Then again, I’m always willing to deviate from my normal behavior if a dress is worth it.

Coincidentally, when I last scrolled through this season’s endless selection, designer-worthy dresses were all that caught my eye, period. And rather than thinking, No, I can find something as pretty for lessmy mind went straight to, I need one (if not two) of these dresses, like, now. So naturally, I had to document the rare occasion by writing a story about it. Ahead, shop the ridiculously tempting designer dresses that may just have changed my mind about splurging forever.


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