33 Chic Items to Order in Shopbop’s 25% Extra Sale

The biggest discounts you can find on Shopbop throughout the year are those offered during its rare extra 25% off sales. Shopbop’s sale selection is already large and heavily discounted, so when you add the layer of each item (with a few select brands excluded) also being 25% cheaper than it already is, that’s a pretty good reason to shop.

The beauty of Shopbop sales is that they have tons of current and past season pieces from top brands and are constantly being added to the sales section. Browsing through the current deals, I’ve seen tons of items at 30, 40, and 50% off, and when you add the 25% off to that, you have a seriously discounted item in your hands.

In case the thousands of items currently on sale are freaking you out a bit, I get it and I’m here for you. Scroll to buy the items you don’t want to miss from this epic sale event. Just be sure to shop through EOD on Friday, June 10, and enter code BREEZY at checkout.


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