34 Calm and Luxurious Finds at Nordstrom All Fashion People Love



Over the past few months, the aesthetic of old money has been everywhere. Gone are the days when flashy monogrammed labels and opulent appliquéd garments were coveted by the fashion crowd. Instead, a more subtle attitude about style, high-quality clothing, and understated silhouettes gave rise to the minimalist, muted aesthetic defined as “quiet luxury.” Brands like The Row, Loro Piana, Khaite, and Toteme have built empires from constructions and color palettes that scream “If you know, you know,” prompting more and more people to turn to understated basics and chic, elevated pieces to get the look.

Utility fashion has never been more popular, and given the rise of understated luxury, it seems the wealthy are leading the way. While understated luxury doesn’t always mean clothes with five-figure price tags, almost everything is incredibly versatile, logo-free in creams, browns and blacks.

Although it’s been said that much of the wealth is whispering, I’m practically shouting from the rooftops about these Nordstrom finds that mimic the timelessly chic look at a variety of price points. You do not believe me ? Just scroll and see for yourself.


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