34 Fall Pieces Rachel Green Would Buy In 2022

No matter how many TV shows I watch (trust me, I watch a lot) there is not a character that has had as much of an impact on me as Rachel Green. It’s not just because I watched Friends more times than I can count, but whatever the year, whatever she wears will always look so stylish to me. I spent years chasing every trend and while Rachel taught me to think more about what I want in my wardrobe. While she was definitely no stranger to following a trend here and there, she strongly prioritized a collection of classic pieces that I would still wear today.

From obvious ’90s pieces like strappy dresses and mini skirts, to more unexpected trends like suit vests and lingerie-like tops, Rachel Green always proves to be the ultimate style inspiration. She’s already on my moodboard for Fall 22, so I decided to shop online with her in mind. Although its looks are over 25 years old, we’re always ready to recreate them, so you know the pieces below will be yours for the long haul.


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