40 shocking finds from Zara’s big summer sale

Whether you know me well or just follow me on TikTok, you’re probably aware of my love for Zara. For more than a decade, I’ve dedicated some of my time each week to browsing brand new releases, the special price section, homewares (don’t sleep on Zara Home), and more. Because of this, I gained some ability to maneuver through its thousands of products and dig up the best ones. And my skills are especially useful during a sale, one of which begins just this week.

After hours of browsing all the discounted items on – and then making a few red-tagged purchases – I can say with certainty that the list below includes everything you need to know about the sale that has just been launched by the brand. Keep scrolling to see what made the cut, from pretty sundresses to sandals that look like they’re $500 (but aren’t). The rest is up to you.


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