5 Denver-Based Depop Sellers Offering Curated Clothing Selections Online

Although today marks National Thrift Day, every day is an opportunity to shop small and support local businesses that consider sustainability. According storage coffee, Denver has become the best city for thrift stores with more than 190 resale stores. In light of this research, we share 5 local Depop sellers who are bringing Denver’s savings experience to the internet.

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Depop is a clothing resale site and app that is full of curated vintage and second-hand clothing selections. Responding to the cultural push for a more sustainable way to shop online, Denver residents have developed established Depop stores that include second-hand and vintage clothing, homewares, and handmade jewelry.


Photo courtesy of Ovum

The truth : Ovumfounded by Kelsey Monday, is a neatly curated Depop store that lists new items daily. Lundie has a knack for current color and texture trends in fashion, which is evident in the items she resells in her shop. As an experienced peeler and Depop seller with over 1,000 items sold, Ovum is a staple in the Denver Depop community.

Viola Lee Vintage

Viola Lee Vintage, Denver Vintage

Photo courtesy of Viola Lee Vintage

The truth : Viola Lee Vintage encourages sustainable shopping by selling vintage clothing that customers can buy and reuse on Depop. Their call to action for customers is to “reduce, reuse, reuse”. Thrift lovers interested in earth tones and neutrals will be delighted by the shop’s understated color palette.

Fever Dream Vintage & Modern

Fever Dream Vintage and Modern, Denver Vintage

The truth : Fever Dream Vintage & Modern is a Depop store that offers vintage items, designer clothes and trendy pieces. The shop’s diverse collection of pre-owned items reminds customers that nothing is more unique than a vintage piece that has stood the test of time. Fever Dream Vintage & Modern recently opened a physical location at 1506 Fillmore Street, Denver, but is also regularly active on the Depop platform.


Pynoeato, Depop, Denver Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Pyoneato

The truth : Pyoneato is a handmade jewelry brand with a 90s vibe. The brand draws inspiration from grunge design and alternative influences for its earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The small online business is active on Instagram and primarily sells on Depop. Pyoneato also packs sustainably before shipping, making it a more viable option for conscious consumers.

Atomic Recovery

Atomic Recovery, Depop, Denver Vintage

Photo courtesy of Atomic Salvage

The truth : Atomic Recovery is another Denver-based vintage brand that sells on Depop and in its physical location on N. Marion Street. The store carries a variety of vintage items, from Nike shoes to 60s picnic dresses. A more concentrated collection of their extensive inventory can be found in their Depop shop.


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