5 fashion trends that will be popular in the fall of 2022

Turning to experts and industry leaders for buying advice is often ideal for wardrobe inspiration and exploration. One insider who is regularly filled with interesting information is Diego Abba, CEO of Italist. He’s the head of the luxury fashion site, so his finger is on top of what’s cool and what customers are gravitating towards at all times.

For reference, Italist sells designer pieces at the “local” Italian retail price. As mentioned here, current season collections are often up to 40% off and previous season collections up to 70%. Oh, and everything is shipped for free and super fast. So if you’re looking to invest in something, Italist is a great place to start looking. On that note, Abba shares a list of fall items that are currently top sellers on the site.

Keep scrolling for shopping tips, plus product recommendations if you’re looking to invest in a designer item this season.


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