5 Sweater Trends Coming In and Out This Season

It just doesn’t seem fair to think about sweaters when it’s still 90°F in the shade and everyone on your Instagram feed seems like they’re on the Amalfi Coast. Believe me, I understand. But as of yesterday, it’s officially fall and chances are you’ll find yourself looking for a sweater soon. For my part, I am ready for it after five months of heat and humidity. (I live in the south…)

Sweaters are one of those items that you probably want to invest in classic pre-trend versions, but sometimes classics become trends and vice versa. So let’s talk about fall sweater trends, shall we? There are five styles that are quickly emerging as the main trends of the season, and there are also five that I would recommend putting away for now. (There’s a good chance they’ll come back.)

Scroll to see fall’s most important sweater trends and see which ones are taking a back seat this season.


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