5 understated yet chic looks worth trying this summer

Simple but elevated looks are my new vibe. For years, I’ve been one of those fashion people who collects bold pieces because I’m not afraid of anything that goes a little off the beaten path. I admit it, I like to stand out. That said, there have been days when I look at my closet and think, “Do I really need so many neon fashionable pieces?” Or something like that. Now I see the value in elevated basics that you can rotate into your wardrobe and style in multiple ways, looking incredibly chic without overdoing it.

As someone who always needs to look good, I’ve put together five outfit formulas that take five minutes to put together and look stellar. I’m all about a gorgeous midi dress paired with flat sandals and sunglasses, a strapless dress with heels, white jeans paired with a black tank top and gold jewelry, a two piece set with sandals and a dress with sneakers and a light knit or cardigan. These outfits can be worn repeatedly all summer for a date, a long day or a vacation.

Keep scrolling to check out what I buy to get these simple, understated looks.


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