50 Best Designer Bucket Hats to Buy Right Now

Picture this: it’s the weekend, the sun is up and you’re lying by the water as seagulls fly overhead and the waves crash against the sand. In this idyllic summer reverie, what are you wearing? For me, I would like to wear a designer bob. In my mind there is no better piece to invest in for the summer than this trendy accessory because it does all the work for you. Bad hair day? Bucket hat to the rescue. Need to refresh your summer staples? Add a hat. Want to avoid sun damage? A hat is your secret skincare weapon. A bob design can solve all problems – it’s this accessory, from start to finish. And while there are a plethora of affordable versions, given that this style continues to be a favorite among the fashion setwhy not invest in the one you’ll be wearing for years?

In that vein, below are some of the best designer bucket hats to buy right now. Raffia iterations ready for a trip to the French Riviera to leather bucket hats that can be worn well into fall, there’s something for everyone. Fair warning, though: these bucket hats are just begging to be bought, so be prepared to whip out your wallet.


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