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50 New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2023: ObesityHelp


December 28, 2022

Celebrating a new year is always so exciting! It’s a time to reflect on the past year and lessons learned and look forward to new opportunities, new memories, and reaching new goals and resolutions. Will you love more in 2023 or will you find new love? Are you going to change careers? Will you connect with a long-lost friend or relative? The possibilities for you in 2023 are endless! You can do whatever you want and have a happy new year! As we celebrate with magnificent fireworks, local parades, parties, and delicious appetizers and entrees…take some time to think about what you want for YOU in the year ahead. Maybe some of these 50 New Year’s resolutions and goals will resonate with you:

50 New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2023

  1. Take the time to have fun
  2. Stop procrastinating, don’t put off what you can do today and promise to do it tomorrow
  3. Exercise more, sit less
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink plenty of water every day
  5. Live every day to the fullest
  6. Dance like nobody’s watching
  7. Create a weekly budget and stick to it
  8. Adopt a new hobby / Learn a new skill
  9. Practice Forgiveness – It’s Good for Your Soul
  10. Plan your meals
  11. Volunteer/Make a difference
  12. Take care of YOU – take the time to take care of yourself
  13. stay humble
  14. Practice mindfulness
  15. Meditate
  16. Treat yourself to a day at the spa
  17. Set yourself at least one goal a week and reach it
  18. Spend more time with family and friends
  19. read more books
  20. Get organized
  21. Stay on track with your weight loss goals
  22. Donate old clothes
  23. Compliment a stranger
  24. Spend less and save more
  25. Go on a few mini vacations, even just for the weekend
  26. Develop a skincare routine
  27. Be spontaneous
  28. Meditate
  29. Plant a garden
  30. quit smoking/vaping
  31. say no to alcohol
  32. Start a thank you jar – write down one thing you’re grateful for each day and put it in a thank you jar to reflect on at the end of the year
  33. Reduce sugar intake
  34. Participate in an online support group
  35. Learn something new – take an online course
  36. Do a random act of kindness
  37. Start a diary
  38. Take a break from social media
  39. Learn a new hobby
  40. Eat healthier
  41. Make time for movie night
  42. Try a new recipe per month
  43. Be happy, laugh more often
  44. Stick to a regular sleep schedule – studies show that a regular schedule reduces stress and improves your mood
  45. Create and follow successful habits
  46. Don’t sweat the little things
  47. Try a new adventure
  48. Call more often instead of texting
  49. Reach out to support others – respond to messages on OH and other message boards
  50. And finally, attend the national OH2023 ObesityHelp conference!
New Year's Resolutions

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