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6 facts about Christiana Barkley

Famous basketball pro Charles Barkley had only one child, and his baby girl grew up well. Christiana Barkley did not stay in the shadow of her famous father and had a successful career and a family of her own.

Having a professional athlete as a parent can put a lot of pressure on you, but when your dad was an NBA basketball player for three teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers, it’s really pressured.

But Christina Barkley did just fine; having had big shoes to fill, she earned a master’s degree in college, got married, and started her own little family.


Christiana’s parents, Charles and Maureen, married in 1989 and had Christiana the same year. There wasn’t much information about his mother as opposed to his famous father.

Christiana went to Villanova University in Pennsylvania in 2011, and in 2017 she earned her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

At the age of 31, she was managing editor and senior account manager at the Koppelman Group, an academic consulting firm. Like her mother, Christiana has kept most of her personal life private; her Instagram account was closed to anyone who did not follow her.

With 179 posts and 2,759 followers, she humorously wrote “a great fun person until I get tired” in her profile bio. In her Instagram avatar, she showed off her abs in a striped bikini.


During a “Steam Room” podcast with Ernie Johnson, Christiana’s father revealed that he named his daughter after a mall in Delaware. Charles spent time during his NBA career in Philadelphia, where he was drafted fifth overall by the 76ers in 1984 and played eight seasons for the team.

Philadelphia wasn’t too far from Delaware’s Christiana Mall, which he visited often—he loved the mall so much he named his only child after him.


Christiana met her husband, Ilya Hoffman, in 2016 at a basketball game; his friend, Eric Magleby, invited him to watch a replay of Villanova’s national championship game.

He was hesitant to go because he wasn’t the biggest sports fan – he didn’t play or watch any sports; he eventually accepted the offer and met his future wife the same day.

At the Mason Jar, a Manhattan sports bar, where Hoffman wasn’t sure his stage was, in a crowd of college students, Eric pointed to Christiana and said she was Charles Barkley’s daughter. Vaguely aware of the sports giant, Hoffman replied, “Oh, you mean the ‘Space Jam’ guy?”

Later that evening, Hoffman invited a group of college students back to his apartment — Christiana, one of them — and they officially met over pizza. All Hoffman could think of was “look at this amazing girl”.

In 2009, Hoffman attended Baruch College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics; before that he went to SUNY Albany for two years. He then founded a marketing technology company in New York called “DemandByte”.

They started dating in the spring of 2016; the first time Christina met her family, she and her grandmother bonded over matzo ball soup. Mrs. Koliskor – Hoffman’s grandmother – found it impossible not to love Christiana. Hoffman said:

“My grandmother is an old school Russian Jew who is hard to convince, but now I think she likes Christy more than my brother and me.”

Hoffman was born in Moscow before his parents, Alex and Katia Hoffman, he and his brother Ash immigrated to America in the late 1980s. He spent most of his childhood in Queens before moving to Port Washington in Long Island, New York.


In 2019, Christiana and Hoffman moved to Vermont together, and they loved the mountain views and access to skiing. During a Christmas trip to Scottsdale, Hoffman asked Charles and Maureen for Christiana’s hand in marriage.

Although the plan didn’t go as he planned, he became emotional in the moment, which rarely happened. Both parents approved, and Hoffman gave himself a few months to plan the perfect proposal.

Cue Covid and the lockdown it brought with it; suddenly, Hoffman found himself trying to figure out a way to propose during a pandemic. When spring arrived and Hoffman had not asked the question, Charles began to worry, fearing he had changed his mind.

Christiana also tried to speed things up, hinting that she saw someone proposing with a Ring Pop on TV. Hoffman eventually devised a plan of action, finding a jeweler in Manhattan to design Christiana’s engagement ring through a family friend.

After a morning walk on May 15, Hoffman humorously presented her with a Butterfinger, her favorite candy, and a Ring Pop. She found no humor in her actions.

Finally, he took out the diamond ring box and said, “I love you, I want to marry you. With chocolate all over her face, she said “yes!”


On March 3, in front of 120 family and friends guests, Hoffman and Christiana said “I do” at Andaz Scottsdale Resort and Bungalows. All attendees were tested for Covid on their own or at a resort testing site.

Christiana wore a Reem Arca wedding dress; she wore the long sleeveless dress with white and peach buttercups. Hoffman kept it simple with a dark colored suit and white shirt.

Rabbi John Linder led the ceremony which included Jewish traditions such as breaking glass. After the rabbi pronounced them married, a cheer of “mazel tov” echoed throughout the outdoor wedding.

At the wedding reception, guests had a choice of elk, steak, and sea bass; Christiana and her dad danced to “The Man Who Loves You Most” for their dad-daughter dance, and Hoffman and her mom chose a traditional Russian song for their mother-son dance.

A clip of Christiana Barkley with her son who played in the NBA on TNT on May 9, 2022 | Source: YouTube/NBA on TNT


In 2022, Christiana celebrated her first Mother’s Day after the birth of her son, Henry. During an episode of NBA on TNT, a clip of Christiana and baby Henry was shown, during which she revealed she had spent 48 hours in labor after her father compared giving birth to a sprain at the ankle.

Christiana had none of that and was quick to remind her dad that a sprained ankle was a spa treatment compared to delivering a baby.


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