6 trends that my mother and I both wear from Zara



If there’s anyone who loves Zara more than me, it’s my mom. If she’s not enthusiastically browsing their website, she’s browsing the shelves IRL or texting me photos of items she’s seen on Instagram, proclaiming, “You need to include this in a story!” At 71, she remains an avid follower of Zara, and the Spanish brand, with its wide variety of styles and trends, undoubtedly fuels her love of fashion. And we can say that the apple did not fall far from the tree!

While my mom and I have a slightly different style aesthetic — I tend to favor neutral, edgy basics, and she leans into colors, prints, and embellishments — we agree on some styles. , as you will see below.

So, with a desire to add some new pieces to our wardrobes, we took a little shopping excursion to Zara, and surprisingly, we both turned to a handful of spring/summer trends that we’re excited to wear this season. From satin fabrics to fashion-forward orange hues, keep scrolling to see what trends my mom and I are buying, wearing and loving this season.


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