7 sleepwear brands you need to know

Every night at my house is a slumber party, and it happens to be the clothing category I spend the most money on. Why? Having the right pajamas is a game changer for my evening routine. The second I put on a glamorous ensemble, with its feathery details and embellishments, I feel my inner rich mom come to life. It encourages me to spend twice as much time on my skincare routine, open a book, write in my journal, and then fall asleep like a baby.

And so, my obsession with pajamas continues. The number of compliments I get from the few people lucky enough to get a glimpse of my collection is what really keeps me going. I will always be adding new styles to my closet, and the seven brands below are just a few names worth mentioning, but they really are the best. Shop them below for a great night’s sleep.


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