7 Stylish Hunter Boot Outfits for Women


Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I’ve seen more than my fair share of rainy days. In fact, Pittsburgh has more rainy days per year than Seattle, so when it comes to dressing for bad weather, I’m pretty much a pro. Rainy school days, however, were a welcome opportunity to inject some style into my otherwise bland navy, white, and khaki uniform in the form of colorful accessories.

At the time, I grabbed my trusty pair of Hunter boots that I had intentionally bought in magenta to flout my high school dress code. Whether I wear them with my pants tucked into the high shaft or with tights and a skirt, my Hunter boots not only made a stylish statement but also kept my feet warm and dry. Plus, I found a matching umbrella.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this particular brand, here’s some background: the British heritage brand has been around since 1856 and is recognized around the world for its iconic Wellington-style rain boots, aka wellies. Despite this heritage, Hunter boots had remained something of a cult favorite among the fashion set until 2005, when model Kate Moss was photographed wading through the muddy grounds of the Glastonbury music festival in Scotland wearing a gold mini dress and classic black Hunter rain boots. . As an impressionable high school student, this was the moment that put rain boots and their style potential on my radar.

Now, when I know my commute to Manhattan is going to be cold and wet, I find myself skipping my usual Chelsea boots in favor of a fresh pair of Hunter boots. And it is obvious that I am not alone. I’ve spotted Hunter rain boots on several fashion influencers we know and love, as well as on IRL around town. So while the fall and winter weather in the Northeast doesn’t always lend itself to outfits with boots with miniskirts, there are still several ways to wear Hunter boots that look almost as good. cool than Kate Moss.

Keep scrolling through seven outfits with Hunter boots that will inspire you to pull your wellies out of the closet or swap your old combat boots for a new pair of shiny (or matte) rain boots. Plus, one last pro tip: Hunter boots are literally the only shoes that keep my feet 100% dry as I walk through the wet, snowy, and muddy winter streets of New York City. With blizzards on the horizon, you bet I’m putting my Hunter rain boots back into regular rotation.


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