9 things Hailey Bieber convinced me to buy and love

Although I don’t consider myself a person easily influenced by celebrities, Hailey Bieber is an exception. I looked at her vogue Beauty Secrets video over three times and I always find myself adding her latest street looks to my Pinterest boards. From her glazed donut skin to the risque new trends she’s always the first to wear, Bieber constantly inspires us when it comes to beauty and fashion. Her influence is strong, so much so that she made me do some shopping.

While her skincare line is sold out right now (I’m on the lip balm waitlist), that doesn’t mean you can’t shop her other picks. Ahead, see the purchases I’ve made and why they’re worth the hype. If that’s not enough for you, I’ve even relayed some fashion items she’s worn before and some I think she might like. Think big blazers, casual basics and fun summer accessories. Keep scrolling to shop.


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