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A bizarre reason emerges after the baseball star was hit with an 80-game drug ban

Fernando Tatis Sr. said his son’s scandal was over a haircut gone wrong

The father of a banned baseball player has claimed a bad haircut started the chain of events that led to his son being sidelined for 80 games.

Fernando Tatis Jr. was hit with a heavy suspension ahead of the weekend after testing positive for the banned substance clostebol, meaning he will miss the rest of the season for his team the San Diego Padres and their possible run in the playoffs.

Defending his son, who claimed he only violated Major League Baseball’s (MLB) drug policy due to the steroid’s inclusion in a ringworm medication, Fernando Tatis Sr. explained how a trip to the barbers had triggered a “disaster.”

“This all happened because of something that’s not worth this problem”, Tatis Sr. said to MLB insider Hector Gomez.

“He caught a fungus from a haircut. His mistake was not reading what he [a spray called trofobol] contains, which apparently makes him guilty of something totally unknown.”

“It’s something for the skin, something that doesn’t enhance performance and has no testosterone. It has nothing to help you get better in the game.” Tatis Sr., who spent 11 major league seasons himself, protested.

“It was a mistake that could have been handled differently” Tatis father accepted.

“[But to] destroying a player’s image for such a small thing, because a situation like this is a disaster. Not just for Tatis Jr., but for all of baseball.” Tatis Sr. said, while predicting that there is“millions of fans who will stop watching baseball” because of the line.

On the Midday Show, Tatis Sr. again admitted that his son went off the rails by not realizing the drug contained a steroid, but added that the scandal “could have been managed” best by MLB.

“I don’t think there was any reason to destroy a player’s image for something as minor as that,” says Tatis Sr.

Tatis Sr. reiterated that the line is a “disaster” that could turn away millions of baseball fans, and also said it was“a total disappointment for Dominican fans” and for enthusiasts around the world, “for something so insignificant that wasn’t worth it”.

“This is from actuality” Tatis Sr. continued. “What came out positive in Jr.’s body is something that doesn’t give you strength, first of all, doesn’t amplify your [weight-training] diet, it’s second, has no testosterone, it’s third, contains absolutely nothing that would give you an edge in the game.

“What happened is a disaster for baseball,” he further emphasized.

Tatis Sr. also informed the show that he and his son will be traveling to several leagues around their home country to explain their version of what has happened to aspiring baseball players in arguably the biggest talent pool. Sport.

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“There is something that no one can ever take away: the grace with which Fernando plays the game”, Tatis Sr. pointed out. “No human being can ever take that away.”

Tatis Jr. took responsibility for his mistake for which he said there was “no excuses”.

“I should have used the resources I had to make sure no banned substances were in what I took,” he confessed. “I failed to do so.”

Aged just 23 and having signed a 14-year, $340 million extension in February last year, he still has a long way to go to rebuild his reputation and turn things around.


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