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I had the opportunity to sit down with Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado and talk about his recent recognition that took place in Nassau County. Salgado is the CEO of Coastal Advisors, LLC Insurance Consultants & CCO of Gas It Up, Inc. How many people can say they have a day named after them? Well, Big Daddy can, as Nassau County declared on this day March 7, 2023. Big kudos to him!

Salgado is a big man with a big heart. He has friends everywhere and always gives back to the community. He attended the University of Maryland on a football scholarship and when he was unsuccessful as a professional player, he formed Coastal Advisors, LLC Insurance Consultants. “I wanted to make sure all my teammates and other athletes were protected. My business grew and led to other opportunities like working as a Super Bowl correspondent for the FOX & Friends morning show on FOX News Network. I am also the director of communications for Gas It Up, lnc., a mobile fuel provider for self-driving fleets and daily drivers and finally, I’m the host of the Big Daddy & Friends podcast on

As mentioned above, congratulations on Big Daddy Honorary Day. “Thank you! I am beyond grateful to Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and Nassau County Attorney Tom Adams for giving me this incredible honor. They recognize the work I do in the community, my involvement with The Big Daddy Youth Football Camp with my brother Jimmy who is an NFL Coach, the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic and the SHER Women’s Empowerment Group who I am also an ambassador of. It’s a big load to carry and I know you bring so many people to attend and support these events, great job! The next step is the Grandpa Celebrity Golf Outing this June 26th. ” It’s certain ! This year we will be supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the SHER Women’s Empowerment Group, which was founded by my best friend, Anzhelika Steen-Olsen.

Let’s talk about the world today. Things are different and there is so much confusion going through the minds of our young people. What are you doing to help these children today. “I try to be as real as possible; I think kids are a lot smarter and exposed to a lot more than when I was growing up. Children lack discipline because they are less able to manage on their own. As kids, everything we got was earned and it came with hard work. My brother and I were disciplined, and I think that’s what attributed our success. My brother Lewis works in the insurance industry and my brother Jimmy is an NFL coach. We all continue to work hard and bring this work ethic to life in everything we do. Great work indeed!

I know you’re working on a few projects and talking about bringing Gas It Up to Nassau County. “Yes, that’s fine continue to create income and work opportunities in our own backyard and our founder, Victor Rodriguez, is also from Long Island. www.gasitup.comI worked on tradeI real estate projects This will provide affordable housinglong with real estate magnate, Sam Liebmann, Neil Tapper, Michael LiebmannAnd Nick Brusseler. Our objective is to help educate people on how and when to buy real estate and make it profitable For create A lifetime wealth for generations.

Keep up this good work! We are delighted to continue to cover your trip. “Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic.”

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