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A family displaced after a car accident in a mobile home in Greenbrier

GREENBRIER, Tenn. (WSMV) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to a remote residence that was destroyed by a vehicle Wednesday afternoon near Greenbrier, TN.

The family that lives in the mobile was moved after the accident.

“I had a lot of memories here,” Michael Forsythe said, glancing around his now uninhabitable home. “I got a call at work saying a car drove through my house.”

According to soldiers at the scene, Coumba Sow, 31, of Antioch, was driving a 4-Runner on the Tom Austin Highway when he lost control and crashed into a racing car parked alongside the road, sending him into the mobile home behind this. The Sow’s vehicle also made contact with the house, crumpling the far corner and causing the roof to partially collapse.

The impact of the accident caused the house to move almost 10 feet from its foundation.

“I’m just glad my wife and kids aren’t home,” Forsythe said. “She rammed the race car into the white SUV and shoved everything into the house.”

THP said neither Sow nor his young passenger were injured in the accident. Moreover, the house was empty at the time of the incident.

“Oh yeah. I feel very lucky,” Devin Legon said. Forsythe’s cousin was sitting in that white SUV when the driver zoomed onto the lawn. race car was pushed into the Nissan Armada, and it almost threw me out of the driver’s seat.”

It was what the woman said next that caught his attention. “All I heard was her say, ‘I have babies! So we jumped out – I jumped out of the Nissan.

The wife and her children are also fine, but Forsythe is forced to find a new place to live.

“It was really heartbreaking,” he said.

Neighbors told WSMV that this particular stretch of Tom Austin Hwy has a reputation for wreckage. We have contacted THP to obtain a record of the number of accidents that occurred there in 2022. We are awaiting a response.

The photo shows the car that crashed into a house in Greenbrier.(WSMV)

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