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A little boy selflessly stops traffic and rushes to help an elderly lady in need up her stairs

When an 8-year-old boy from Georgia saw an elderly woman struggling to climb the stairs, he asked his mother if he could help the lady. Unbeknownst to them, a stranger recorded a video of the boy and posted it on social media.

As parents, people want their children to be kind to others. They do their best to teach their children not to hurt others with their actions and words, but not all parents manage to get their point across.

A Georgia mother also taught her children to help those in need, and she was lucky enough to see her 8-year-old son perform his lessons when he saw an elderly woman struggling to climb stairs.

The Elderly Woman with Maurice Adams Jr. | Source: facebook.com/ABCNews


Maurice Adams Jr. was in the car with his sister and mother, Contricia Hill, returning from high school graduation. Along the way, the little boy noticed a frail elderly woman crossing a busy road and asked his mother:

“Can I come out and help her up the stairs?”

Hill and his daughter had also seen the woman bent over her walker, but little Maurice was the first to think of helping her. After Hill allowed him to help the lady, he opened the car door, jumped out, and rushed towards the lady who was struggling up the stairs.

Maurice’s sister, Contricia Hill, and Maurice Adams Jr. | Source: youtube.com/KSDKNews


One hand on the walker and the other on the old woman’s shoulder, Maurice helped her up the stairs while she smiled at him. Meanwhile, a passerby, Riley Duncan, pulled out his camera to preserve the little boy’s kind gesture.

In the video of a few seconds, Maurice can be seen patiently helping the old lady, allowing her to climb one step at a time while holding her walker.

Duncan shared the video with WSBTV. Later, people all over the world witnessed this magical moment on social media. They could see the woman talking to Maurice as she walked up the stairs with him.

The Elderly Woman with Maurice Adams Jr. | Source: facebook.com/ABCNews


At the end of the video, the woman and Maurice separated after the lady gave him a warm hug. It is not common to see small children helping elderly people out of kindness, and it seemed that little Maurice had won the woman’s heart.

After the woman patted Maurice on the back, he jumped down the stairs and returned to his mother’s car, smiling. Meanwhile, Duncan was delighted to see Maurice helping the lady. He said:

“It made me feel so good inside, and once I saw that I said I should just reward it with something else. You don’t see that too common these days because that people don’t believe in helping them.”

The Elderly Woman with Maurice Adams Jr. | Source: facebook.com/ABCNews


Little Maurice had no idea that someone would reward him for his kindness. Duncan pulled a $100 bill from his pocket and gave it to Maurice to appreciate his efforts. Meanwhile, Hill revealed how the elderly woman reacted after Maurice helped her:

“She told him he was special.”

Hill was proud of her son for helping the elderly woman. She thought it was crucial to bring up children properly, as they would remember the teachings all their lives.

Riley Duncan and Maurice Adams Jr. | Source: youtube.com/KSDKNews


Maurice didn’t think twice before helping the stranger. All he needed was his mother’s permission to jump out of their car and rush towards the woman. He said:

“She was struggling, so I decided to help her.”

Despite the gifts and attention from others, Maurice said what he enjoyed the most was the feeling he had after helping the fragile woman.

Maurice Adams Jr | Source: youtube.com/KSDKNews


Not only did Maurice feel good after helping the lady, people who watched the video also had similar feelings. They shared their thoughts by commenting on Maurice’s video on various social media platforms.

“This little angel was raised well. We need a LOT more Maurice in our world,” Gus Walker wrote on Maurice’s YouTube video. Meanwhile, another YouTube user said:

“This little boy was raised well, to respect his elders and to do the right thing! Good parents mean good children! Good job Mom and Dad, you have raised a handsome young man that we can all be proud of. !”

Little Maurice’s selfless act proves that children are kind-hearted human beings and adults shouldn’t be ashamed to learn from them.

Do you think only adults can teach children manners? Can children do the same through their actions? We would like to know what you think!

Share this inspiring story with your friends and family to congratulate little Maurice for doing the right thing at the right time.

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