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A millionaire mocks a poor window cleaner and learns that he is the single father of two daughters – Story of the day

Nicholas, a window washer, had to bring his young daughters to work one day. He was entertaining them from a height when one of the girls spilled her glass of juice on the shoes of a millionaire businessman. The big boss found out and something shocking happened next.

“Hey, Charlotte. Look dad! Nicholas called his granddaughter. He oscillated between the 2nd and 3rd floors of the office building for which he worked as a window cleaner. His two daughters, Jane and Charlotte, watched him from downstairs security, and they were still mesmerized by the height.

Nicholas tried to make them laugh as the rope moved him up and down. Charlotte, the younger of the two, always laughed at his antics, which made his heart pound.

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

Their mother died two years ago, and they were both too young to remember her well. Becoming a single father had been the hardest part of Nicholas’ life, but it was well worth it.

Her sister tried to help her, but she had a career and her own children needed her. So sometimes Nicholas was forced to bring the girls with him to work, hoping that everything would be fine.

Nicholas waited for the dreaded words, “You’re fired.” He was sweating through his uniform and thinking about the $156 in his account that should see him through the month, and that’s if he got a new job.

Luckily, he had been doing this for months, and no one had had a problem with it because his daughters were doing pretty well. This time, however, he should have paid them more attention.

Small giggles burst from Charlotte’s mouth, and she started clapping while holding a cup of juice in her hands. “Watch your juice, honey,” he admonished softly. He didn’t want her to cry if it spilled. But something worse happened.

Her three-year-old daughter kept laughing and waving her arms, causing the glass of juice to fly out of her hands. It wouldn’t be a problem, except that he ran into the expensive-looking shoes of a businessman who was busy on his cell phone and was about to enter the building.

“What is – ? !” he cried looking down at his shoes. His face shot up to the little girl who had knocked over her glass of juice, and he flushed red with anger.

Nicholas saw how Jane hugged her little sister and phoned her boyfriend, who was controlling the Bosun chair. He quickly led Nicolas down to the ground floor.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

When he reached his daughters, he stood in front of them. “Sir, I’m so sorry. My daughter wasn’t looking. She meant no harm,” he apologized, leaning forward slightly to explain better.

“Will saying sorry fix my shoes? They’re Testonis! Are you going to buy me a new pair? Of course not! You couldn’t afford them even if you worked a billion years without eating!” ” spat the businessman and Nicholas was surprised by the insult.

Nicholas took his daughters’ bag and retrieved some tissues. “Let me help you clean them up,” he offered, though the man certainly didn’t deserve it. But he had to do something, or he might get him fired.

” Do not touch me ! You and your dirty girls need to get out of my sight!

“Sir, that’s not fair. They’re just little girls,” he defended himself, frowning at the rude man. No matter how much money he had, he didn’t need to be so tough.

“Do you work here?” the businessman spat again, and when Nicholas nodded, he smiled wickedly. “You won’t be working here long. I have an appointment with Mr. Albrecht, and I will not fail to speak to him about this situation!

Nicholas’ eyes widened in shock. Mr. Albrecht not only owned the business, but the entire building and several others in that area of ​​New York.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

Suddenly, Nicholas’ direct boss, Mr. Rogers, came running out. “Mr. Anderson, are you all right?” What’s going on ?

“I’m going to tell Mr. Albrecht that your workers are negligent, useless and completely rude!” the businessman said to the other man and entered the building, stomping angrily.

Mr. Rogers looked at them in turn, and Nicholas could only shrug, but his eyes showed all the remorse in the world. His boss followed the businessman, and after several minutes he returned. “Nicholas, you have to go to the big boss’s office.”

“What? Mr. Albrecht wants to see me? If I get fired, they just have to tell you,” he said, starting to sweat.

“He wants to see you up there, you and your girls. Go fast before he gets crazier. Apparently this man was going to sign a big deal today with the big boss. He’s another millionaire, and he explicitly told the big boss that you had to be fired beforehand,” said Mr. Rogers, his eyes sad and defeated. “I’m sorry, man. There’s nothing I can do for you. I know neither you nor your daughters meant any harm. But some of these people just aren’t… that nice.”

Nicholas nodded and motioned for his daughters to follow him. “Don’t worry, sir. I understand. I’ll just try to plead my case.

During the elevator ride, Jane spoke up, “Dad, are we in trouble?” The two girls were staring at him with wide eyes and Nicholas couldn’t tell them the truth.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

“No, girls. We’ll meet the big boss and explain everything to him. Everything will be fine,” he assured them with a fake smile.

Eventually he reached Mr. Albrecht’s office, and the businessman, Mr. Anderson, was standing there with his arms folded and a cocky smile.

The big boss was sitting on his desk. He suddenly put on his reading glasses and took a paper from his desk. “Nicolas Harper?

“Yes, sir. It’s me,” he said, adjusting his shirt slightly to look better in front of them.

“Tell me what happened,” Mr. Albrecht asked, taking off his glasses and staring at him sternly.

Nicholas did his best to explain the situation – how he was swinging while working to entertain the girls and how Charlotte accidentally spilled her juice.

“And why are your daughters here?” Where is their mother? It’s a workplace,” Mr. Albrecht asked, and the window cleaner lowered his head, having to explain his family situation.

When he was done, the big boss stared at him blankly and stared out at the view of New York from his high-rise window.

Nicholas waited for the dreaded words, “You’re fired.” He was sweating through his uniform and thinking about the $156 in his account that should see him through the month, and that’s if he got a new job.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

The office was too quiet and Nicholas could still sense the arrogance of the businessman who probably had enough money to replace those shoes easily. Yet he was going to deprive his daughters of basic needs because of a simple mistake.

Finally, Mr. Albrecht heaved a deep sigh and rose from his desk. The suspense was killing Nicholas and he was about to stop when he suddenly felt the older man’s hand tap his shoulder.

“It’s okay, boy. You’re not going to get fired. You work hard to raise your family, and that’s a quality I greatly admire,” the big boss said, making his eyes widen. Nicholas in shock. Then he saw Mr. Albrecht approach Mr. Anderson, whose hands had also fallen to his sides in surprise.

“Mr. Anderson, do you think a pair of shoes is more important than a man trying to make a living for his family?” asked the big boss rhetorically.

“But… but,” the businessman stammered.

“But what? You walked into that office with a huge attitude, demanding that I fire a strong, loyal employee for something so stupid, and you thought I’d listen? I started from nothing! I built This empire with sweat, tears and blood. I did everything for my family! And you do it for what? The bragging rights of overpriced clothes? Our case is cancelled. My business will never work with people like you Nicolas.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

Then Mr. Albrecht turned to Nicholas. “Hey, if you ever need them, your girls can stay here so you can work safely without worries. I have granddaughters, so I keep coloring books here and they can watch TV or sleep here too”, assured him the big boss. “Now you can go back to work.”

Nicholas almost bowed to the big boss, thanking him for his understanding, and he walked out of his office with the girls to continue his day’s work.

But from then on, he would come up and leave them in Mr. Albrecht’s office, and they loved it, especially when Nicholas was cleaning the windows right outside and they could finally see him up close. such a great height. He was waving at them and making faces at them, and every once in a while he saw the big boss smile too.

What can we learn from this story?

  • A good boss will value his employees and protect them. Mr. Albrecht understood that a hard-working father like Nicholas was more essential to his business than an arrogant millionaire who doesn’t understand what is truly valuable in life.
  • You should never make someone feel worse because of their job or their earnings. The businessman was rude and awful to Nicholas and his daughters. But he learned a huge lesson later and ended up blowing the deal with the big boss.

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