A Nordstrom stylist wears these items to get the French style



We regularly look to Sandy Koszarek for sartorial inspiration. She has built a busy career as a VIP stylist at Nordstrom and is currently working on her blog, Stylish Sandy. So yeah, she definitely knows what’s going on in the style department. Where does she often draw her inspiration from? Well, like many of us, she leans towards French decor. After all, Parisians have this desirable take on the je ne sais quoi of fashion with silhouettes that are often synonymous with words like effortless and cool.

Given Koszarek’s love of Parisian style, she tends to turn to items from her everyday life that match the basics that many French women wear to achieve those simple, elegant looks. Below, Koszarek shares the objects she lives in that are also go-to picks for Parisians. Keep scrolling for more, plus visual inspirations and shopping recommendations.


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