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A pregnant woman, her family and two dogs attacked by bees in Coden

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – An unsuspecting family and their dogs were attacked by a hive of angry bees in Coden.

The bees lived in an empty house next to the family. When the demolition crews destroyed the house, the bees attacked.

The owner said he, his pregnant wife and their two dogs were stung by dozens of bees.

Fortunately, they are nurses and acted quickly. Their one-year-old was doing well.

However, their dogs are fighting for their lives at a local vet.

“They were in a panic. Their dogs were getting bitten as the dog went into convulsions and had major health issues. They have a newborn baby and luckily the dad was home and they just saw the bees going everywhere said Brandon Hargraves.

Hargraves, a local B’s Bees beekeeper, was called in to remove and save the bees.

He said: “They were so susceptible yesterday they could start jumping around like that and before I know it we could get 100 bites and that’s enough to take us to hospital.”

Hargraves said the queen bee likely died in the rubble. This made the bees all the more aggressive.

“We brought a small beehive that we removed from a water meter box to Foley. There’s a queen in there. So I put the box on top of the other box and we’ll let it slowly acclimate to their smells, then I’ll be back in a few days and combine them,” Hargraves said.

It’s a slow process, but according to Hargraves, it’s necessary for the environment since a third of our food supply depends on bees.

“I hope next year they will produce some beautiful honey from Baldwin County and Mobile County which we can then sell to the locals and they can consume and enjoy all the health benefits,” said Hargraves.

Hargraves said if you find bees in or around your home, don’t try to kill them.

This will only make them aggressive. He said call a bee removal company like his and they will come and remove them safely.

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