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A woman sees a pregnant beggar getting into an expensive car and decides to follow her

A San Diego woman says she was shocked to see a pregnant beggar get into a brand new Mercedes Benz. Curious, she decided to follow the car, not knowing where it would take her.

Has anyone ever scammed you? People feel devastated after learning that someone scammed them because they have to suffer financial loss. Depending on the type of scam, people lose money ranging from a few dollars to millions of dollars.

The main motivation of a scammer is money. These people can do anything to get their hands on people’s money without thinking of the consequences. A woman witnessed a similar scam when she saw a beggar get into an expensive car.

The beggar and the child photographed together. | Source: youtube.com/ABC10News


In 2014, a pregnant beggar was spotted with a child standing outside a mall in San Diego, California. Passers-by would give her change after reading “please help me” written on the cardboard sign she was holding.

As the woman standing in front of the Eastlake village center was pregnant, people did not hesitate to help her. They felt bad for her and gave her all the money they could. A passerby, Melissa Smith, told KGTV:

“I felt bad. There is a pregnant woman with a baby boy who is unlucky.”

Melissa Smith. Source: youtube.com/ABC10News


Smith shared that the beggar and child stayed outside the mall on weekends and the boy’s father also joined them sometimes.

All seemed well for Smith until one day she was at a gas station and noticed the couple standing in their usual place. As she watched them, her eyes widened when she saw the woman get into a brand new Mercedes Benz. It was then that she realized something was wrong. Smith recalled:

“I was like, ‘Wow! A Mercedes Benz?'”

Melissa Smith. Source: youtube.com/ABC10News


Smith was shocked to see the beggar and her son get into a $35,000 car, so she followed them. She wanted to know why the woman was begging when she owned an expensive vehicle. Smith said:

“And there they were in front of us. Here they are counting money, laughing. Their little boy is not in a car seat or a seat belt. He is in the front seat with them all the time.”

After watching them laugh and count the money, Smith was furious. She felt angry knowing that the woman had defrauded thousands of buyers who gave her money out of kindness. Smith clicked pictures of the car and license plate and decided to share them with a local news channel.

Eastlake village center. | Source: youtube.com/ABC10News


Moments later, Smith saw the dark-colored Mercedes Benz turn toward Bonita Center, another mall on Bonita Road. She was stunned to see the pregnant beggar exit her carousel with the child and head to a corner of the parking lot where shoppers could easily spot her.

As the beggar stood with a cardboard sign in her hands, Smith quickly clicked pictures of her. Seconds later, the woman noticed Smith pointing his camera at her. She immediately grabbed a rock and rushed over to Smith.

The beggar woman this time had a baby in her arms.

Meanwhile, a customer saw the beggar arrive at Smith’s and immediately dialed 911. The woman threw the stone aside and fled with her child before the police could arrive.

Melissa Smith. Source: youtube.com/ABC10News


Since Smith had no idea who the woman was or where she lived, she only had pictures to show the police who arrived in the parking lot after the beggar left. Smith also gave police the car’s license plate number.

The license plate number led police to a woman’s apartment in Encinitas Heights Apartments, where the rent was $2,500 a month. The woman who lived there was a new resident who started living after a couple left.

Authorities were unable to locate the beggar by license plate, but another woman called the news when she saw the beggar a few months later.

License plate number in the photo. | Source: youtube.com/ABC10News


When Rebecca Smith passed by Vons in University City, she noticed a similar face she remembered from the news. She immediately called 10 News and reported seeing the same beggar spotted a few months prior.

However, the beggar woman had a baby in her arms this time. When the 10 News correspondent approached her and showed her a photo of her begging, she denied it was her. Moreover, she even said that she didn’t speak English.

The journalist also asked the couple about the Mercedes, to which the man replied: “Which Mercedes?” They denied begging outside the Eastlake village center and rushed into a minivan.


Shortly after, 10 News gave the photos of the beggar to a facial recognition expert who ran the images through software and concluded that the images were 80% similar, implying that the beggar and his partner were lying. Rebecca Smith said:

“I just find it sad that people go to that extreme.”

What would you have done if you had seen the same woman in another place? Do you think the beggar and her partner were lying?

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