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Accelerating action for gender-responsive disaster risk reduction



UN Women is committed to ensuring that gender considerations are fully integrated into the implementation of the Sendai Framework, including its mid-term review. UN Women supports the UN system to ensure gender-responsive DRR under the leadership of the UN System High Level Leadership Group (SLG) on DRR for Resilience, which brings together 50 UN entities.

UN Women is also supporting countries in this effort by providing technical assistance and mobilizing our global network of DRR and gender experts, as well as more than 400 women’s organizations specializing in climate and disaster resilience. Our commitment to gender-responsive disaster risk reduction and resilience policy frameworks has already had a significant impact in 61 countries. These results reflect the work being done across UN Women, guided by the global Women’s Disaster Resilience (WRD) programme. The WRD program embodies the triple mandate of UN Women in Action: country-driven and locally owned actions, supported by regional and global normative and coordination components that create an enabling environment for women’s agency, leadership, knowledge exchange and advocacy for resilience.

By prioritizing gender considerations in disaster risk reduction, we build women’s resilience and elevate their power to help shape a better future.


women news

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