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Adopted Boy Sends Christmas Gifts To Friends At Shelter, They Team Up To Reward Him Later – Story of the Day


Little Boy Surrounded By Soft Toys. | Source: Getty Images

Cory’s little heart went out to his underprivileged friends at the shelter who hadn’t found a loving home like him, so he decided to do something special for them one Christmas. Little did the boy know that his love and kindness would return to him 20 years later.

As snowflakes descended like glitter from the cloudy sky that morning, Cory raced down the stairs of her new home and stopped short in front of the Christmas tree.

He saw gifts… there were so many piled up under the tree! The little boy couldn’t contain his excitement when he opened them.

“Mom dad?” he asked his parents, who hugged him and wished him Merry Christmas. “Are all these presents for me?”

“Yes they are, sweet boy,” said his adoptive mother, Heidi. “We didn’t know what you would like, so we bought you a lot of things.”

Cory’s eyes lit up as he looked at the presents his parents had given him. But soon, a strange sadness takes hold of his little heart, and he thinks of his friends at the shelter who have not yet found a loving home…

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

Cory was a little boy who had been in a shelter for as long as he could remember. When Heidi and Samuel visited him and told him they wanted him as a little boy, Cory cried.

“Will you be my new mum and dad? he asked tearfully, and the couple smiled.

“Yes, honey,” Samuel told him then. “We want to take you home. Would you like to have us as parents?

When you give someone unconditional love, that love comes back to you.

Cory nodded almost immediately, and he had to leave his friends to embrace a new life. The little boy cried when Samuel and Heidi showed him his new bedroom with blue walls and superhero posters! He hadn’t even found his bed in the shelter.

So when Cory saw all those gifts, he suddenly remembered his many friends who had no beds or gifts. They all slept on the floor sometimes in winter because the shelter was full of children.

“Mom, Dad…” Cory said hugging a present. “You gave me presents because you love me?”

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

Heidi and Samuel burst out laughing. “Of course, honey,” Heidi said. “We give gifts to the people we love! It shows that we care about them. But it’s okay even when we don’t give them gifts! Sometimes all we have to do is talk to them. say we care about them. We love you.”

Cory also loved his friends at the shelter. But he didn’t know how to tell them that he loved and missed them even after finding a new home. So what he did was… plan a surprise for them, like his parents surprised him with gifts.

From that day on, Cory did many odd jobs, such as helping his neighbors carry groceries and baking cookies to raise money for his poor friends, and he also saved the small allowances he received from his parents. and grandparents.

A year later, at Christmas, he rushed to his parents with his piggy bank, Charlie, and dropped it on the floor in front of them.

“Honey, what are you doing?” his mother gasped. “You loved Charlie! Why…why would you break it?

“We’re going to get gifts, mom!” Cory chirped. “For my friends at the shelter!”

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

“Oh darling!” Heidi sighed. “We could have given them gifts without you breaking the bank!” »

“I had to break it, mum!” Cory said as he quickly picked up the sticky dollar bills and coins from the floor. “I wanted to surprise them and give them gifts with my money! I had to show them that I cared about them! You love me, so you gave me so many gifts last year!”

Samuel burst out laughing. “I’m proud of you, champ,” he said. “You’re a big boy now!” So what should we get your friends? »

That year, at Christmas, Cory sent presents to his friends at the shelter, who were very happy. Some of them even cried when they found their favorite things inside the presents.

“We promise we’ll never forget your surprise, Cory!” his friends wrote him a letter. “We will come back to you with a bigger surprise!”

It happened… almost 20 years later. As an adult, Cory’s life was in shambles. He lost his parents right after graduating from high school and he somehow managed to go to college.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

Then he met a charming woman named Sasha, fell in love with her and married her. But things only got worse over time.

Cory and Sasha’s baby girl has been diagnosed with leukemia. Because their home was destroyed by a storm, they were forced to live in a neighbor’s barn while struggling to make ends meet. They had no money and were in desperate need of help when Cory received a package from a man named Sam.

When Cory opened the package, he found a handmade quilt inside and a note. The note said:

“Hi Cory,

It’s Sam. I hope you haven’t forgotten me. It took me a while to find you, but I’m glad I did. Do you remember the Oakwood Shelter, that seedy shelter with an ugly caretaker? We made so many memories there! I can never forget how we all hid in the storeroom and shared our sweets at Christmas.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

My wife, Maria, runs a small business and makes these quilts. Christmas is just around the corner, so I wanted to get you something. I will never forget how kind you were to us! My business card is in the envelope. Call me when you’re free… I’d love to hang out after these years.

Love, Sam and Maria.”

Cory cried when he saw the quilt and the letter. He needed help. Could he ask Sam for help? Cory wasn’t sure, but he made it up.

“Hi buddy!” Sam said happily. “I’m fine. How are you?”

“I…I need help, Sam…” Cory said sadly as he explained how he was struggling. Sam agreed to help, but Cory had no idea his old friend would get in touch with all of their friends at the shelter and team up to bail his family out of the financial bottom.

One of Cory and Sam’s friends was a renowned doctor at a hospital and he offered to treat Cory’s daughter for free. The other friends collected money and rebuilt his house.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

Little by little, Cory’s life returned to normal, thanks to his friends. When Cory asked them why they helped him unconditionally after all these years, they said:

“Remember how you never forget us after you find a new home? We wanted to pay you back. Sooner or later, we all agreed to help you and joined forces. Thank you for making our Christmas brighter at the time, Cory. You gave us a chance to make this Christmas brighter for you!”

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

What can we learn from this story?

  • Let’s be a Cory in someone’s life and brighten up their Christmas. It was very thoughtful of Cory to give presents to his friends. Nice boy! He even broke his piggy bank for that!
  • When you give someone unconditional love, that love comes back to you. Cory didn’t forget his friends at the shelter after finding a home, and that love came back to him when he needed it most.

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