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Air Signs, Explained: This Is What It Means To Be A Gemini, Libra Or Aquarius



Aquarius: These two know how to enjoy the lighter things in life. They are both intellects and care very little whether others understand them or not, as long as they understand each other. These two have the potential to rewrite history together, and Libra would make a great salesperson for an Aquarius’ wacky invention or business idea.

Leo: Two signs that truly understand each other and crave to be seen, Libra and Leo are seen as conceited by most viewers, but they have a mutual understanding that in order to feel good, it’s okay to give time and effort. pay attention to their appearance, outfits, homes and possessions. They will never stop the other from getting attention and being celebrated. On the contrary, they will only brag and brag more about their ideal partner.


Gemini: See above for more on why Gemini and Aquarius make great partners.

Balance: Again, see above for why Aquarius traits match well with Libra.

Sagittarius: As philosophical creatures, Aquarius likes to think outside the box, and Sagittarius likes to understand how history will play into the new future they’re trying to build. Together, these two have the power to create a whole new reality for themselves and those around them, propelling them together into exciting careers, communities and foreign lands. Nothing can stop the rapid growth these two will experience with each other. Their relationship will always grow, but it’s more important to them that they grow as two individuals who choose to stay together.

What are the tips for overhead signs?

Air signs may want to consider the following tips for living their best life.

Stay present. With such quick, inquisitive, and witty brains, it can be hard to stay present. Find ways to stay in the moment like breathing (4-7-8 breathing has great benefits), meditation, journaling, nature walks, and fine motor hobbies like knitting.

Hit the spa. Activities like facials and massages are great for air signs. Physical touch is another way to come back down to planet Earth. Try somewhere safe, serene, and highly celebrated.

Stay curious! Take up new hobbies when you feel bored or stagnant. With such a powerful mind, it helps to do things like take classes, go to workshops, explore museums, and read new books in order to lubricate your noggin. Alan Watts is an excellent book for combating overactive thoughts and allowing you to learn and expand your consciousness. The wisdom of insecurity.

Eat foods that energize you. Things like sweet potatoes, herbs, beets, carrots, ginger, pumpkins and radishes.

Teach, guide and instruct others. Find things to master and give back to by teaching and guiding others. Air signs do a great job as teachers, lawyers, therapists, and tour guides. Even leading local events and workshops would do you good!

Stay hydrated! If you find it difficult to keep your energy levels high, it may be due to your dry nature. Be sure to hydrate yourself with enough water, tea, watermelon, cucumber, celery, and even add an alarm to drink water if you find it difficult to do so without responsibility. Air is a drying element, so we want to keep you in balance.


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