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All About Chet Hanks’ Daughter and Mom Tiffany Miles

Michaiah Hanks comes from a family of extraordinary movie stars. However, despite her grandparents’ popularity, the world wasn’t told of her arrival until her dad, Chet Hanks, was ready for the big reveal – meet Tom Hanks’ youngest daughter and her mother, Tiffany Miles.

Legendary actor Tom Hanks became a grandfather in 2011 when his firstborn welcomed a child. Another baby was added to the list two years later from the same son. However, the next time Tom learned that there was a new member in the clan, it was from his second son, Chet Hanks.

Like his famous parents, Tom and his wife, Rita Wilson, Chet was bitten by the acting bug. He has acted in various films and television series. Aged 31, he is also a musician.

Chet Hanks attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 05, 2020. | Source: Getty Images

But in addition to inheriting the passion for entertainment, Chet learned to be an amazing parent, willing to put his family first through his dad. Here are untold truths about his parenthood.


Young parents these days love to share the news of their newborn’s arrival on social media, but not Chet Hanks. The musician didn’t rush to Instagram with photos of his newborn’s cuddly hands and feet.

Instead, he waited a few months before announcing he had become a parent. Baby Michaiah was born in 2016 and, according to his father, he witnessed a drastic change in his life.

Once Chet perceived the time was right and didn’t want the rumors to come from a tabloid publication, he revealed that he was the father of a baby girl without adding details of her name or date of birth. birth.

The reason Chet kept his birth low-key was simple; he respected her privacy and did not want to expose her to the world because “she is not something to display”. The then 26-year-old clarified his statement adding:

“With no disrespect to people posting their kids, I just never wanted her to be dragged into the negativity surrounding my past. ”

Everything has changed since this revelation. There are photos of the little princess and more details about her birth mother have come to light.


Michaiah’s grandparents and father are famous faces, but not her mother, Tiffany Miles. Most of what is known about her is that she resides in Indio, California and was first seen with her daughter in December 2016.

It is unknown what happened between Miles and Chet, but they are no longer together. However, they still have a great connection.

The singer described his baby mum as “one of the nicest people” he knows and further defended her against internet trolls by applauding her parenting skills. In his words:

“I’m grateful that my daughter has such a great mom.”


Chet maintained a refreshing honesty as he addressed his journey to fatherhood. The actor wasn’t ashamed to admit his daughter was playing a superhero by fueling her motivation to fight her addictions.

The best way to pay homage to him is to love him exceptionally, which he has been doing since his arrival. The duo are inseparable, and their connection is undeniable. Contrary to his initial statement, the father of a child enjoys sharing videos of moments of complicity between him and the little princess.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have always put their family first, and it’s a trait they passed on to their children. Before welcoming Michaiah, Chet made a life-changing decision to be a better person.

While working passionately to change old habits, his parents stood firm, giving him the support he needed. When Michaiah arrived, she instantly became a beneficiary of their overwhelming affection. According to Chet:

“It’s great to see them as grandparents as well, because I was very close to my grandparents and now my daughter is going through the same experience.”

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks pose with their family as Rita receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 29, 2019 in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

The singer added that his parents love responsibility and never tire of volunteering to babysit. Tom and Wilson later confirmed this by sharing how fun it is to have the kids around.

While kids are always fun to be around, Hollywood stars have taken home the trophy for being “the cool grandparents” in town.


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